Tourist visa Information for Turkey

Tourist visa Information for Turkey

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Submission place: You have to submit a visa application to the Turkey Embassy in Dhaka. Bangladesh.

Address: House No-7, Road No-2, Baridhara-Dhaka-1212, Tel: 02-8822198.

Submission Time: Depends on Appointments.

Delivery time: From 4 pm to 4:30 pm (Sunday to Thursday).

In person: All visa applicants should submit their application to the Embassy.

Interview: Yes, Need to be present in person.

Total Visa processing time: Minimum 07working days. (Some cases take longer).

Total expenditure at a glance regarding visa processing (Non-refundable):

Embassy fees 4,500/- Taka (changeable) Payable to Embassy
Our Service Charge 5,000/- Taka (Non- Refundable) Payable to us



  1. Online-visa application form (duly filled in and signed by the applicant).
  2. A valid passport (with six-month validity on the date of the application).
  3. 2 color photographs (2×2 size-mate paper).
  4. Marriage certificate (if a married couple is travelling together) (Attested by a Notary Public).
  5. National ID card or birth certificates photocopy (ID mandatory).
  6. Airline ticket reservation.
  7. Hotel reservation.
  8. Original bank statement up to date (covers the transactions of the last six months).
  9. Original Bank Solvency.

Submission of the following documents could help support the application:

  1. Letter of introduction from the company/employer of the applicant.
  2. Trade license (Attested by a Notary Public).
  3. Income tax return / TIN (Attested by a Notary Public).
  4. Travel Health Insurance.


Others Supporting Documents:

  1. a) Tour program b) Visiting card c) Birth certificate of children if necessary f) Bluebook photocopy of a car if any.) Documents of other income if any) All Documents of financial solvency. Like FDR/share business/other saving /security Deposit/cash Investment.



NB: Please note all of the expenditure for visa processing is strictly non-refundable. Visa information & different changes can be changed at any time without prior notice. We provide only assistance and not any guarantee of getting visas. Please check the update visa information when you apply. This information sheet is prepared by us which are a little bit more details than embassy requirements.


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